No-code AI app solution for long-form article generation.

Unveiling True Transparency

Embrace cost control like never before. Pay only for your chosen plan, with no hidden extras or markups. We believe in pure value, leaving behind the era of token pricing confusion.

1-Click Publish

Transform drafts into dazzling content with a single click – publish on WordPress, Ghost, Shopify, and LinkedIn. More integration coming soon.

Normal/God Mode

Normal/God Mode

Unleash your inner content deity – harness AI’s power to fine-tune, refine, and create articles that resonate effortlessly.

Encrypted System

Secure your data and keys from others with all the data encrypted with your unique user key. Even we can’t see your data.


Claude 2, Chat GPT, and Unsplash are some major integrations that can help you write better content like a pro.

Custom Prompt

A custom prompt for your Enterprise need, that we can help you set up. Only for the Enterprise users only.

Share Articles

Seamlessly spread your crafted brilliance – share captivating articles across platforms with a click, amplifying your reach.

Dive into a universe of ideas.


Generate Articles

Create engaging content at will.



Elevate your content’s impact.



One click publish to WordPress.